Thursday, February 8, 2007


I just found out I have something called double dyslexia.
I see words and sometimes letters in the wrong order or sometimes backwards.
However, this happens twice -- once both ways.
I reverse things and then reverse them right back.
So, I actually see words and letters normally.
This really explains a lot of things about me.

  1. My learning difficulties and lack of general intelligence.
  2. My problems with pronunciation.
  3. My slow progress in learning Spanish.
  4. Why I like watching and playing sports so much.
  5. My fascination with shiny objects.
  6. Etc.


Mark said...

Ya know that's funny, but I wonder if I have something similar. It would explain a few things. Jody was watching me had-write a few things a month or two back and said the only people he saw write that way were the dyslexic kids that he oversees.

Of course, the flaw in my theory is that I'm not nearly the sports fan that you are.

greg said...

That's not good, but it hasn't seemed to have held you back any (except if it caused those 7 lost years in Nepal). = )