Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nancy Grace is Awesome

Nancy Grace is awesome is and here is why:

  1. She is probably the most horrible person who has ever lived.
  2. She's an expert at grandstanding.
  3. She's mastered fake tears and tearing up.
  4. She's good at beating a dead horse.
  5. Her delivery is overwrought (she'd be good in professional wrestling).
  6. She invites people to be guest commentators on her show and then just flat out abuses them.
  7. She encourages a mob mentality instead of careful, reasoned, deliberate, one step at a time action by authorities.
  8. She makes her money and runs her show off tragedies.
  9. She is the queen of Monday morning quarterbacking. Of course she has all the answers after they have been revealed. Try coming up with the answers when they're not obvious.
  10. She insinuates people have committed a crime before they are arrested/charged. Somehow she "knows" better than the authorities that have all the evidence.
  11. Many of her guest commentators are slightly strange looking. Is it possible she doesn't want anybody more attractive than she is on her show?
  12. She asks very leading questions of her guest commentators and she expects her questions answered quickly in exactly the way she expects (or else she goes off).
  13. She's one of those "think of the children" people.
  14. She's always the smartest person in the room.
  15. She likes to hear herself talk.
  16. She's repetitious.
  17. She's a bulldog with a piece of beef jerky.
  18. Her hair and makeup are always perfect (and good for her -- fascist know-it-alls need to look good).
  19. She thinks people who do the real work of investigating and prosecuting crimes care what she thinks or know who she is. Does she really think that Natalie Holloway will be found any faster if she yells at Aruba for weeks on end?
  20. She's the icon and patron saint of a very bad part of our culture.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Blogging Sadness

An online friend of mine read my entire blog in one sitting recently.

That's a bad thing.

It means I'm not blogging enough.

Maybe I'll need to take it up a notch.