Saturday, July 21, 2007

SPX Beats Last Year's Champions in First Game of Season

The basketball team I play on, SPX (Saint Pius X), played the first game of our new season tonight and we beat last year's league champs.

BrianB hit a huge three from behind the NBA 3-point line to put us up 3 with 20 seconds to go. RyanG is probably the best player in the league and he had a great game.

We've historically had trouble in this league. However, we came in second in the third division last season (losing the championship game on a tough shot with a second left by Bobby Anderson) and tonight was a great start to this season.

I managed to get 5 points this game, but I wasn't able to hit any of the three jump shots I took. I need to be able to hit open jump shots from the wings about 12 to 16 feet out or I'm not helping us on offense very much. My passing and ball movement will always be there but I need to hit a few shots just to keep the other team honest.

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