Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fox Broadcasting Gets K-Ville All Wrong

There is a new show on Fox this Fall called K-Ville.

Well, I grew up in Kerrville, Texas and I have to say Fox got a few things wrong.

One thing they got wrong is the amount of crime in Kerrville. One episode of "K-Ville" is filled with crime -- murders, robberies, assaults, fights, etc. The Kerrvile I know is not like that at all (my parents still live there so my information is up to date). Sure, Kerr County has crime but that mostly happens in Center Point (where I graduated from high school).

Also, Kerrville is a nice place. The scenery in "K-Ville" is depressing and dilapidated. Kerrville is not filled with slums and low income government housing. Sure, we have our share of trailer homes. However, there is nothing like the housing depicted in "K-Ville".

The last and most egregious error is the landscape itself. Kerrville bills itself as the "Heart of the Hills". It's in the middle of the Texas Hill Country and on the banks of the Guadalupe River. The "K-Ville" from the TV show seems to be a coastal city on a much larger river. There are no scenic, cedar covered hills. There are no mighty and ancient oak trees. There are no whitetail deer dodging pickup trucks.

I demand that Fox take this travesty of a show off the air immediately!


Anonymous said...

Geezzz Dude, its K-Ville not KERRYVILLE. K-Ville stands for Katrina Ville. and is a story of New Orleans, LA NOPD Police Officers after the Katrina Encounter. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

I have been a resident of Kerrville Texas for over 50 years...born and raised here...
I like the tv show K-Ville..It doesn't have anything to do with Kerrville and isn't even meant to represent Kerrville.

Kerrville is an okay place to live but not the greatest..There is no medical care here for the disabled ( like me)..the doctors only want money and won't accept Medicaid so the disabled have to go to bigger cities.
Crime rate has gotten higher but then so has the population. We are having more and more non Christians move in that care nothing for the city or its people.
Fortunately, there are some good people here who genuinely do care what happens to the town and the people.
There is a great elementary school here (Tally) the excels in educating the young ones.
Not much for the teens to do and that's sad. Its the same as when I grew up here.. Intelligent youth bored to tears and frustrated because there isn't an outlet for them.
Very little low income housing . And the need is great because wages here are LOW..

The "trailers" are not always bad as implied. Many residents here live in them and have very nice manufactured homes.

I hope you will rethink your comments....

Anonymous said...

Do any black people live in Kerville anyhow?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean there isn't a lot for the young ones to do in Kerrville? Have you ever heard of climbing a hill or kicking a ball around?

Are you saying there needs to be nightclubs for the youth of Kerrville so they can party?

"Crime rate has gotten higher but then so has the population."

That could be a direct result of the population growing. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Doesn't Kerrville have the Mr. Gatti's museum? Take your kids there.

Also . . . "Doctor's only want money...." Again.. you are stating the obvious.