Friday, November 16, 2007

Whatever It Takes

I'm proud to announce that my new personal motto is "Whatever It Takes". This replaces my old personal motto, "Leave Me Alone or I'll Knock You Down".

What does "Whatever It Takes" mean to me? Well, suppose I have a goal, any old goal. "Whatever It Takes" means I'll do anything that proves necessary in order to complete that goal. So, suppose my goal is a peanut butter sandwich. I'd do any of the following if need be in order to get a peanut butter sandwich:
  1. Tear the heads off 1,000 baby chickens.
  2. Blow up an entire planet.
  3. Wear a tie-dyed shirt.
  4. Shave my head and paint it blue.
  5. Dance with bears.
  6. Learn Haskell.
  7. Chop down a redwood with a butter knife.
  8. Learn to juggle 4 balls at once.
  9. Stop playing foosball forever.
  10. Play dead for 7 hours.
You might ask me to describe the situations in which I'd have to do each of 1-10 above in order to obtain a peanut butter the sandwich. If you do that, you're missing the point. "Whatever It Takes" isn't about specifics. It's about getting things done no matter the challenges that stand in the way.

So, in short, world, get out of my way or I'll do whatever it takes to remove you as an obstacle.


Anton said...

That's very similar to my motto: "Whatever".

greg_lange said...


I like your motto. It's shorter and I can totally see it working for you. = )