Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Want to Remember Everything?

Wired often has some great content.

For example, this article from yesterday:

Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn?

The article describes the lifelong efforts of a Polish guy named Piotr Wozniak to learn things well and indefinitely. If the article is to be believed, his efforts have met with great success. However, his method requires extreme discipline and living life in a very structured way.

A big part of Wozniak's system is his software called SuperMemo. It's supposedly makes computer aided learning very effective.

One of my favorite all time Wired articles is The Curse of Xanadu.

Stories about people dedicating large amounts of time to pushing the edges of knowledge/technology are almost always interesting to me.

These stories remind me of the 1980's. I spent the entire decade exploring words, sounds, and meaning. It was in '87 or '88 that I invented the words "woot" and "booya". Those were heady times.

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