Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ETF Picks

Today, I put about half my investment account in the market. As documented here previously, I'm not going to try to time the market or get in and out of it on a regular basis. I plan on holding these ETFs for a number of years. These are the ETFs I choose: EWZ, FXI, IGE, ILF, IVV, and SLX (EWZ got about three times the amount of money as each of the rest).

In about three months, I'll put in the other half of my account. And, maybe three or six months later I'll put in yet another round. Periodically, I'll update my blog with how I'm doing.

The ETFs are mostly emerging market funds. Emerging markets seem to outperform the US market by a wide margin. I think Brazil is the best emerging market and so I put more money in it. I picked six different ETFs to diversify and thus reduce my risk.

Using Yahoo! Finance, I can track how my portfolio is doing. There is also a play at home game under development.

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