Thursday, May 8, 2008

LOL Baby

I've decided that Tess is to be trained as an LOL baby. She'll say things like "I can has cheeseburger?" and "Ohs nos!". Instead of laughing, she'll say "LOL!" or "ROFL!" or "LMAO!". I'm pretty sure this will set back her development somewhat. However, it'll be worth the price. She'll be so cute! When she starts going to school we'll teach her to talk right. I imagine she'll catch up with her classmates by 2nd grade.

Does it smell like updog in here? LOL! ROFL! OMG! Booya! Woot!

That's right, I threw a fish down that well.


Anton said...

Maybe you should register loltess before some unscrupulous lol cartel snaps it up.

greg_lange said...

That's a great idea. = )