Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Darkest Hour

When I started blogging way back in December, 2006, I knew there would be tough times. I knew it wouldn't be all fish and chips or peaches and cream or M&M's. However, my faithful readers can expect nothing but honest and full reporting of the goings on in my life from this blog. I'm going to be same person in good times and in bad. So, it's in this spirit that I report something that I'm not proud of. I lost in our Biweekly Par 3 Challenge to one CoryS. Here is the sad, sad, pathetic, cheerless, depressing, dismal, dispiriting, gloomy, and abysmal scorecard that tells the tale:

The worst part was how CoryS rubbed his victory in our faces. He said things like "Good golfing guys" and "It was fun" and "We'll have to do that again". I don't mind being beat by a gentleman. However, I didn't like the way CoryS threw a fish down that well. Apparently we're going to have to euthanize that weasel sooner than later. If this keeps up I'm going to go all weight challenged chick crazy. (This paragraph contains more inside jokes than need be and for that I apologize to those who are on the outside looking in.)


Cory said...


That's such a beautiful picture.

sara said...

"the following paragraph" means the paragraph below, doofus.

greg_lange said...


You're right, I am a doofus. = )

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