Sunday, August 31, 2008

65 at Universal City

I shot a 65 at Universal City today. That's just 9 over par. On three holes I had a two.

UC is a lot easier than McClain. So, a 65 at UC is like a 70 or a 72 at McClain.

Charlie Brown Chicken

I had the Charlie Brown Chicken off of Chuy's special Green Chile Festival menu today. It was really good. It was pan fried with a crushed pumpkin seed crust and a green chile sauce.

Here's their Green Chile Festival menu:

That menu goes away on Sept 14th. I'm going to have to make a couple more trips out to Chuy's before then.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hot Chicks Don't Ride Buses?

I've long had a theory that hot chicks don't ride buses or take public transportation of any type.

Today I saw something at a bus stop that challenged my theory.

In light of current gas prices, maybe my theory is no longer valid?

What do the readers of my blog think?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Following Politics in America is Like ...

Following politics in America is like watching a bunch of children with learning disabilities trying to build a city out of waffles.

There. I said it. Somebody had to.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where is Nancy Grace?

I've watched her show the last few nights. And, guess what? Nancy has been absent. What's going on? Where is Nancy? I have a few theories:
  1. She is recovering from plastic surgery. I'm guessing she got butt implants or maybe additional vertebrae in order to make herself taller.
  2. Satan wanted to see his twins. So, Nancy and the kids are visiting him in a warm place, maybe Jamaica.
  3. One of the thousands of guests she's abused over the years punched her in the face while Nancy ate at a restaurant. Nancy suffered a broken nose and double black eyes. She can't appear on TV again until her face returns to "normal".
  4. Nancy has gone undercover to solve the Casey/Caylee case.
  5. Nancy is exhausted. She is consuming the souls of small children to restore her strength.
In any case, CNN needs to send a limo and a couple of thugs to get Nancy. CNN needs to drag her sorry ass in front of the camera again.


The Cyphernomicon is one of my favorite Net documents. I like its content but also its form. I think the outline form is awesome. It allows for a document that is very dense in information.

If you haven't seen this document yet, go and check it out.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

March of the Volunteers

March of the Volunteers is the national anthem of China? Really? Can you get any more Orwellian? How about something more truthful like "March of the Do This or We Will Shoot You in the Head and Harvest Your Kidneys" or the "March of the Agree With Us or Get Reeducated"?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updates From the Edge of Tomorrow

  1. I was almost bitten by a rattlesnake today. I played disc golf after work. On hole three, I threw my 3rd shot about 10 feet past the hole and into some light brush. I went in and bent over to pick up my disk. I saw movement about 2 or 3 feet to my right and heard a noise. I quickly realized it was a rattlesnake and I jumped away from it. It lunged at me but missed. It was about 4 feet long. It crawled off towards hole two. I went back to my spot and made my putt. I wonder if stuff like that happens to Ken Climo.
  2. My friend Michael had his lowest round ever at McClain, a 68. I shot either a 71 or a 72. I'm slowly getting better.
  3. Last night I watched a little of Nancy Grace. She took the night off and there was a guest host. In the middle of the show, Nancy called in to yell at her guests. Like always, she didn't like what they were saying. Apparently Nancy Grace is always watching. Never forget that. Never.
  4. My stupid ankle is much better than it was a couple of weeks ago. I seem to have full range of motion and it's getting stronger. However, it hurts in weird places for a couple of days after playing basketball. It needs to get better faster. I'm going to steal some of ScottS' steroids.
  5. We lost another developer at work this week. We've lost something like 12-15 people in the last 2 years. A lot of them were really good people. Probably my department will keep limping along like usual. Who is next? Anybody looking to hire somebody like me? My resume is here. Show me the position you have is better than my current position and I'm there.
  6. My basketball team played for first place on Saturday. We lost in overtime. There was much team discord after the game. I didn't play a whole lot. My ankle was hurting.
  7. I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the first time this week. That's one messed up movie. I liked it.
  8. There is this cute girl who works at the Thundercloud location off Stone Oak in San Antonio. If you're a single guy in the area, I encourage you to go in, have a sandwich, and try to work up the courage to ask for her digits. Please don't cheat on her with the girl working at Rudy's in Leon Springs. That would be very wrong. I know a guy that did that and I lost the last 5% of respect I had for him.
  9. I watched the Little League World Series last night. The Guam team has a 12 year old who is 5' 10" and 260 pounds. Don't believe me? Check this page out. That kid should probably have a salad from time to time.
  10. Football is about to start. Somehow Texas Tech is #12 in the AP poll and #14 in the USA Today poll. I root for Texas Tech because both of my parents went there and they are perennial underdogs. They always seem to get more out of their talent than they should. Maybe they can have a great season this year. I always root for a Texas college over colleges outside of Texas. If two Texas teams play, I root for the one that has the best chance to win the national title. If Tech plays Texas, I don't care who wins. If Texas can't beat Tech when Texas always have five times the talent of Tech, they don't deserve to win the national title or anything else. If Spike Dykes or Mike Leach had coached at UT instead of Tech, UT would have won 3 to 7 more national titles than their current total.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ESPN Anchor Demonstrates Lack of Understanding of Chess

I heard something like this on Sportscenter tonight:

"With this situation in stalemate can checkmate be far behind?"


Friday, August 1, 2008

My Discs


Here's my disc golf bag and discs. I now have eleven discs.

  • 3 putters (to play and practice with)
  • a Goblin
  • a Skeeter
  • an Eagle
  • two Valkyries (one I found with no way to get it back to the owner)
  • an Orc
  • a Wraith
  • a Destroyer

I think that's a pretty good starter set. I now just need to practice and get better.