Friday, August 1, 2008

My Discs


Here's my disc golf bag and discs. I now have eleven discs.

  • 3 putters (to play and practice with)
  • a Goblin
  • a Skeeter
  • an Eagle
  • two Valkyries (one I found with no way to get it back to the owner)
  • an Orc
  • a Wraith
  • a Destroyer

I think that's a pretty good starter set. I now just need to practice and get better.


Cory said...

As a comparison, I use:

1 Beast
1 Birdie

Nels said...

I usually just throw my beast. But lately, I've felt compelled to try a number of other discs as well. Perception of competition makes you do funny thing.

Fortunately, Greg hasn't been much competition lately. ;-)

Greg said...

I haven't been much competition for Cory. However, you and I aren't too far apart, Nels.

I've only been playing for about six weeks. I'll gradually get better.