Monday, August 25, 2008

Where is Nancy Grace?

I've watched her show the last few nights. And, guess what? Nancy has been absent. What's going on? Where is Nancy? I have a few theories:
  1. She is recovering from plastic surgery. I'm guessing she got butt implants or maybe additional vertebrae in order to make herself taller.
  2. Satan wanted to see his twins. So, Nancy and the kids are visiting him in a warm place, maybe Jamaica.
  3. One of the thousands of guests she's abused over the years punched her in the face while Nancy ate at a restaurant. Nancy suffered a broken nose and double black eyes. She can't appear on TV again until her face returns to "normal".
  4. Nancy has gone undercover to solve the Casey/Caylee case.
  5. Nancy is exhausted. She is consuming the souls of small children to restore her strength.
In any case, CNN needs to send a limo and a couple of thugs to get Nancy. CNN needs to drag her sorry ass in front of the camera again.


mike barton said...

When you said "Satan wanted to see his twins," at first I thought you were referring to the other twins.

Like... you know... you know?

Then I did a google search and saw that she had children. So, that probably explains it a lot better.

Anonymous said...

She has been absent for almost 2 weeks now. I think that trial must have started in Florida. She was being sued by the Duckett family.

lisa campbell said...

she is probable with a sick friend. Just pray for her, stop the hate. love you grace lisa

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose Florida is a little upset because she made the Casey Anthony so huge that they were under pressure from the public to over-charge the defendant? They lost. Now its known that the 84 computer searches were BOGUS. What really happened? A crazy girl's daughter drowned and her abusive father covered it up and the grandparents are making a bundle because they sold Nancy hundreds of pictures of Caylee. Casey had to be guilty in Nancy's eyes because Melinda had to be guilty in Nancy's eyes. Couldn't have a killer loose in Florida.