Sunday, September 7, 2008


  1. I shot a 68 at McClain yesterday. I had two birdies.
  2. A kid out at McClain yesterday said he was carrying an "anti-venom kit". This is the same kid I told about the rattlesnake I encountered. Also, this kid said he saw a cottonmouth on one of the creek holes on the back nine. I wonder what's in an "anti-venom kit" exactly.
  3. My basketball team won a league game against a team a division higher than us yesterday. We killed them. We are now 8-2. It's our best season maybe ever. Playoffs start next week. Hopefully we can win 3 or 4 games and maybe win a championship.
  4. I weighed 203.5 lbs yesterday. I've lost weight just by eating a little better. I haven't really made any changes to how much I exercise. I've played a lot of disc golf but that's mostly just a lot of walking. Maybe I'll start eating even better and working out some. I'd like to get under 200 lbs (maybe even somewhere close to 190 lbs).
  5. I plan on spending most of today doing homework, reading, and writing tests for my dad's company. I'm only writing one set of tests this year. So, that'll leave me more time for school. Also, there are three NFL games I'm going to watch and maybe two NASCAR races.

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