Saturday, October 11, 2008

66 at McClain


I shot a 66 at McClain today. That's my second lowest score out there. I've shot a 65 at least twice, but no better.


Cory said...

Losing to Obama really hurt my pride. I may never play again. He almost deserved it after acing the par 4s, but still I'm unhappy with my result.

Greg said...

For the record (and just to avoid any confusion), neither Cory nor Nels played with us. Both shoot way better than the scores I made up for them. = )

Nels said...

I wish someone had called me. I would have enjoyed playing disc golf with you guys. I was well rested Saturday morning because I stayed in Friday night for once. I probably would have played better than fake Nels. But I'm guessing fake Nels has better sportsmanship than I. :-(