Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't Poke Cyclops in the Eye

I'm nothing if not a trend setter. So, in that spirit, I've come up with something new, fake ad campaigns.

Real ad campaigns are annoying. They are always trying to sell you something. They are always trying to be cute or cutting edge or memorable. Well, it's time we fight back against this menace.

Today, I'm announcing my first fake ad campaign. It's called "Don't Poke Cyclops in the Eye". It's pretty self explanatory. Cyclops only has one eye and he doesn't like people poking it with their fingers. Please spread the word and help a brother out.

If you'd like to contribute to this campaign, there are a lot of things we need. Here is a partial list:
  1. Television ads and air time.
  2. Radio ads and air time.
  3. A cool domain name and website.
  4. A logo.
  5. A slogan.
  6. Posters.
  7. Billboards.
  8. Campaign related art work/graphic design.
  9. We need to spread the word on the Net.
  10. Money. Right now our budget is $0.
  11. Testimonials from real cyclopses.


Mark said...

Wouldn't that be "cyclopsi"?

James said...

i'm really worried about the tear ducts. after all, given bilateral symmetry, the tear duct of the right eye is on the left, and of the left eye, on the right, right? so, cyclops would have a tear duct where? both sides? how would that work? i think a telethon would be in order to raise the necessary financial support for research into this very important medical issue! viva cyclops! save the tear ducts!