Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Observations and Questions

I watched Star Wars: Clone Wars and Solaris (1972) last night and I have some questions.
  1. Is Ziro the Hutt from Louisiana or Mississippi? I'm thinking Louisiana because of his Mardi Gras style headgear.
  2. Should a creature with no legs (like Ziro) say things like "Let's make a run for it"?
  3. Solaris is a very slow movie. It is so slow that Tess was able to follow the plot. It's so slow that I paused the movie a few times and I couldn't tell. It's so slow that it seemed like time, itself, was flowing backwards. It's so slow that by the end of the movie I had learned Russian.
  4. Do astronauts really wear monogrammed pajamas in space like Kris Kelvin in Solaris did in at least one scene?
  5. What's up with that horrible 5 second weightless scene in Solaris?

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