Monday, December 8, 2008

SNL Report Card 53% (F)

* Opening Skit 85%

The Hillary and Bill characters are great. However, they are really old.

* Host 95%

John Mackovic is an ok host and his host's bit was really good. I liked the reaction shots of the children. I took off 5 points because of his somewhat hideous clothing.

* Breathright "Commercial" 35%

I took off 65% due to the Adam Sandler style crude attempt at humor.

* Hot Chick Office Party 95%

This was mostly very funny. 5% off due to a small amount of crude humor.

* Cool Obama "Commercial" 50%

I don't know about the Obama character. He's not as good as the Clintons or the Bushes.

* Italian TV Show 35%

John Mackovic imitation was awesome. Blurred out Italian porno was not awesome. Oversized Italian kid who smoked was a plus. Overall a fairly large failure.

* Pony Express "Commercial" 60%

Not so funny.

* Twins in Sweaters Skit 90%

Excitement over getting a calculator for Christmas? Awesome! Nerdy twins! Double awesome! Normal brother to play straight man. Not bad! How old was that calculator? 89 times 56 equals whoah?

* Musical Guest T.I? 0%

Rap isn't music

* Weekend Update 70%

Amy Poehler is back! Woot! OJ joke lead. Good choice. Good joke. OJ joke followed by font joke.

Plaxico Burros "guest appearance". He's too heavy to be Plaxico. Why does he have to play all the black guys? Oh. Right. Pretty ok bit.

Cyber Monday joke was very lame. They are dieing.

Wow. Boy George. He looks awesome. That thing where "I go to the other room to be weird"? Nothing wrong with that. Seth thinks it's funny. Nice hat. Gets better and better.

Deer joke died. Drunk woman wearing flip flops? Not funny. Seth doesn't get the metric system. 15 centimeters is 5.9 inches.

David the nine year old kid was very lame.

Bush joke was very lame.

Overall, very middle of the road.

* The Lost Works of Judy Blume 50%

Mackovic dressed as a high school girl? Nice start. However, a failure.

* "Music Video" 0%

I was not amused. Try to be funny.

* Second Performance of T.I. 0%

Rap is not music.

* Jaccuzzi 70%

A sword fight in a hot tub. Nice. Otherwise pretty lame.

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