Thursday, January 22, 2009

Different Kinds of Crazy

I'm kind of a fan of crazy people, not homeless and talking to themselves with a pet beer bottle crazy. I mean fully functional and somehow they get on TV and radio crazy people.

I wonder about these people. How did they get where they are? Do they have something physically wrong with them or have they ended up where they are by just willfully thinking badly their whole life? Are they putting us on? Are they really sane and just act the way they do for some sort of gain?

Here are the kind of people I'm talking about.
  1. Nancy Grace -- She's afflicted with a minor case of the crazies. She stares into those bright lights each night and does her little show and often makes almost no sense. She has way too many guests and she's mean to them. She somehow always knows better than everybody involved in the case she's following. And, what's up with all those graphics?
  2. Alex Jones -- Take a quick look at his two websites, and He's the king of conspiracy theories. He copiously documents everything (or tries to). He's like a commercial Noam Chomsky. I've heard him say any number of insane things. He could just be pretending to be crazy for the money.
  3. Richard Hougland -- Take a quick look at his website, Richard Hougland is the "chief science advisor" to the radio show Coast to Coast Am. Coast to Coast Am is a great place to hear crazy people. It's four hours long and it's on late at night. If I can't sleep, I turn it on for some entertainment. Anyway, Richard Hougland is all kinds of crazy. He's best known for being the "face on Mars" guy. He has all these weird ideas about physics. He's fascinated with Star Trek. His favorite trick is looking at low resolution pictures and seeing something, the face on mars, a robot head on the moon, etc. He's great. He's probably my favorite crazy person. He sounds all reasonable and scientific and then he says a whole string of things that are slap your cows in the face crazy.
  4. Jaysen Q. Rand, Ph.D. -- I caught this guy on Coast to Coast the other night. He takes crazy to new levels. If you can get a copy of this show, I highly recommend listening to it. He was on to talk about and promote his book The Return of Planet-X. However, he had a hard time sticking to any one topic for long. He was all over the place. The host, George Noory, had to keep pulling him back to the topic. Apparently, everything eventually makes sense if you connect every dot possible.

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