Friday, July 3, 2009

Victory is Mine!


Around 7:15 CST, the last root was severed and the stump was removed from "the pit". Workers all had a Dr. Pepper to celebrate.

Here are some pictures of "the pit" minus the stump:




All that remains for the project is to fill in "the pit", clean up the area around "the pit", dispose of the stump, and write about five more blog posts on the project.


Jay Farrimond said...

That pit would be a great place for an outhouse. Isn't that how y'all do it in Kerrville?

Greg said...

In Kerrville we all live on hills and we just go in gullies. When it rains, everything is washed down the hill. It's a pretty good system.

mike barton said...

I've been rooting for the stump this whole time. Nothing personal, I just really thought it was going to win.