Monday, August 31, 2009

Four Par Fours at Brian McClain

Look at the "Individual Hole Breakdown" on this page:

There are 4 holes at McClain that the "pros" average 4 or more shots on, 5, 10, 13, and 15. Maybe those holes should be par fours. That would make par at McClain a more reasonable 58.

I know I played McClain a bunch of times before I parred 5 or 15. Both are very difficult to get 3's on. 4's on those holes are fairly easy.


Cory said...

I don't think their ranking system makes much sense. They rank purely by number of strokes. If that's the case, why assign a par value to each hole at all?

For example, they assign rank 15 to hole 10, a par 4 with an exact 4.00 average. They assign rank 11 to hole 9, a par 3 with a 3.47. Pros give up half a stroke on that hole, but it's not considered more difficult...

Greg said...

I think they were just ordering the holes by average number of shots and not by number of shots over par.

Do you think 5 and 15 should be par 4's?