Friday, August 28, 2009

It's On


That's right. That's me. I'm in my backyard. That's a practice disc golf basket. It is officially on.


Cory said...

I am now officially cowering in fear.

Jim said...

So are you going to start manufacturing these? And yes Cory is cowering in fear now. He's creating one of his own right now from a laundry basket.

Greg said...

My brother might make a few and try to sell them. He might also make about six so we could setup a course on the family farm.

With six we could have three tees on each hole to make an eighteen hole course.

Greg said...

Cory doesn't need to start practicing yet. I've only beat him once and he played really badly that day. Let me beat him a few more times and then he can go out and practice some. = )