Tuesday, August 18, 2009

John David Lewis' Analysis of Obama's Health Care Bill


Lewis takes the time to actually read parts of the bill in order to find answers to a handful of questions. All the answers he found are bad. This link has been floating around the Internet for a while.

Rush Limbaugh even read from the page during his show. If you follow the following link you can see the transcript of Rush's comments and see a great picture of him dressed in black and shouldering an American flag:


Government run health care would be such a bad thing. What would I advocate instead? The so called "Whole Foods Plan" seems like a good start.

In particular I'd like to see something I call "Variable Liability" to be enacted. Under this system, you say in advance what the max you can sue for when getting any kind of health care. You foot the bill for liability insurance based on that number. If you are poor and don't have a lot of money, you say you won't sue. Your health care cost could be potentially much less.

Doctors would still have reason to treat all patients properly. Doctors who have no or few malpractice complaints would have lower insurance rates and this would help them attract new patients. Doctors who didn't treat their patients right could lose their medical license and/or face criminal negligence charges. If there is additional health care needed because of a doctor's mistake, the doctor would be on the hook for that.

Anybody have a good source for what percent of the cost of medical care is due to liability issues?

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