Monday, September 7, 2009

Results From "The Game"


"The Game" was moved to Monday due to Labor Day weekend. Cory wins with a personal best 57. I shoot a personal best 58. Michael and Chris shoot a 66 and a 67. Congrats to everybody. I'm not very competitive and I'm just out there trying to get better (and have some fun).

My best 4 scores have all been in the last month and a half, two 62's, a 61, and a 58. I'm getting better and my arm is almost fully recovered from the injury. I threw a few monster drives today.

As an aside, Cory is a bastard. His parents were probably married when he was conceived and born. However, Cory was able to overcome that and become the bastard he is today through constant hard work. I threw my best score by 3 and he has to throw his best score by 2 on the same day. Thanks for nothing! = )


Cory said...

It takes years of practice to get this way.

However, look at the number of 2s on that scorecard. We did awesome today.

Greg said...

Yeah. We did. It might be a long time before either of us has a lower round than we did today.