Monday, November 23, 2009

Republicans Are Such Losers

Check out this chart:

Politics in America is so stupid.


Mark said...

Yep, though if you chart control of congress (where the spending is actually done) you get a better picture of the complicity of the whole political class.

If you haven't been paying attention, the current administration has already spent money dwarfing your graph. I guess you can stick your head in the mud like some of your former co-workers and keeping thinking that it's just the republicans.

Greg said...

I understand all that and I know what the current administration has done and what it plans to do.

However, presidents have veto power. I don't remember the Republican presidents vetoing bad, big budgets and then getting their vetoes overturned.

Also, the Democrats being worse is not a valid excuse for the Republicans being bad themselves.

It's sad to me that our only choice in politics is bad and worse.

Both Democrats and Republicans are wrong about many things. I'd like somebody who was right about everything.

It should be possible to criticize Republicans without taking that as an endorsement of Democrats.

Manganeez said...

Well said. And I also commend you for making the post in the first place despite the fact that it might be interpreted as opposing your viewpoint. Exactly the opposite of "head-in-the-sand". Mark's dogmatic "can't be even partly our fault" view of it would seem to qualify, though.