Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Movie Comments/Recommendations

  1. Confessions of a Superhero: This is a documentary following four people who take pictures for tips outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in LA dressed up as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Incredible Hulk. It is very entertaining in a semi-morbid kind of way.
  2. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen: This is a documentary about the Pro Bowling Association right after it was bought by some retired Microsoft techies. The PBA almost failed and the new owners made changes to it work.
  3. Helvetica: I swore I would not watch this movie. I did. It's only worth about 30 minutes of viewing. After that, it gets kind of repetitive. Some people take fonts way too seriously.
  4. Word Wars: This is a documentary that follows four professional Scrabble players. It builds through the Scrabble "season" to the championship. It's very entertaining.
  5. The King of Kong: Billy Mitchell is the greatest Donkey Kong player ever. Can he withstand the challenge of a new commer? This movie takes a fascinating look at a very odd subculture. Of particular interest are Billy Mitchell's toadies. Why do they choose to orbit such a small star?
  6. Burden of Dreams: Director Werner Herzog struggles to make a film deep in the Amazon rain forest. This film is so meta. The main character of the film is attempting an act of art in the jungle too. It's like Herzog is making a film about himself without knowing it.
  7. Primer: A very confusing movie made on a budget of something like $15k. It's very good for such a small budget.
  8. I Like Killing Flies: A guy runs a restaurant in New York for twenty plus years in one spot. He dishes out good food. He also dishes out his own view of life. I really liked his poem about parties of 5. (His place is very small and he won't serve parties of more than 4).
  9. Silent Light: This is a very, very, very slow movie. It might be the slowest movie ever. I kept watching to see the payoff. There was one. It wasn't worth it. This is a great movie to make fun of as you fastforward through the slow scenes (most of the movie).
  10. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: This is a documentary about a guy that takes care of wild parrots. He gets really close to them. Somehow, despite all odds, this movie ends on a positive note.


Mark said...

re: Burden of Dreams, check out Incident at Loch Ness for an even more meta Herzog.

re: Primer, $7k budget! Written/Directed/Starring a former software engineer

re: Silent Light, slower than even Solaris?

Greg said...


I've only seen the Russian version of Solaris. It was very slow. However, things actually happened. I think Silent Light is slower than that version.

Silent Light starts and ends with really long sunrise/sunset scenes. They are agonizing. = )