Monday, February 8, 2010

Netflix Queue

I now have 54 movies in my Netflix queue. I just added some movies MarkM recommended. 54 movies is about nine months of movie viewing for me. So, I'm set for a while.

I wish there was an easy way to share your queue so that people could say things like "Don't watch that movie. It sucks!".

Also, I think it's not good that searching movies on Netflix with the phrase "disc golf" matches zero movies that have anything to do with disc golf.


Manganeez said...

We successfully rented 101 movies in 2009 (and watched 100 of them - avoid "The Spirit", by the way).

Could have gone a bit faster except we also let my mom borrow them before returning them if she wants to.

Currently 68 movies in Blockbuster queue (13 of which are not yet released to home video, but BB lets you pre-add them. I dunno how Netflix handles that).

Manganeez said...

Actually, we rented a few more than that, because it wasn't until recently that in-store trade-ins started appearing in your online rental history.