Tuesday, April 27, 2010

San Antonio Burger Rankings

  1. Chris Madrid's: Not an "everyday burger". Eating too many of these would kill you. It's a trophy burger.
  2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries: Very good burgers served in a brown paper bag with abundant fries. Many different free toppings to choose from. Also, this place has bags and bags of peanuts to munch on while waiting for your food.
  3. Chester's Hamburger Company: Good "everyday burger". Get the green chile cheeseburger for something different.
  4. The Cove: I got the Texas Burger last time I ate at The Cove. It was full of flavor. They have a wide selection of burgers with unusual and high quality ingredients. Plus, you could do your laundry or wash your car before or after you eat. It's a favorite of The Current crowd.
  5. Timbo's: Really good, big burgers. Get the Shypoke Eggs and/or the Poppers and Coins. Skip the fries and get tater tots.
  6. Big'z Burger Joint: This place is really good. Sit outside on the covered deck and watch all the kids run around and play.
  7. Bunsen Burger: Good burgers with a sci fi theme. Get a milkshake and the sweet potato fries.
  8. Whataburger: The best fast food burger in town.
  9. Biff Buzby's Burgers: They have sweet buns and free beans (for some reason). Get the tater tots. It has an aviation theme. Lots of military people frequent this place.
Fuddruckers would have made the list but I've heard they filed for bankruptcy.

My Immigration Policy

Immigration was a recent topic of a conversation I was involved in. So, I thought I'd post my immigration policy here.
  1. I'd have a guest worker program that allowed people from outside the US to work inside the US without too much hassle. I'd make reasonable requirements for participation. For example, maybe the guest worker would have to have a job lined up in the US before he could enter. As part of the program, I'd have protection for the workers from abuse at the hands of employers. Also, participants in the program would pay some amount of taxes on their earnings.
  2. For a short time, maybe a year, I'd have an amnesty program which allowed illegals already in the US to either enter the guest worker program or get returned to their countries without criminal penalty.
  3. After the amnesty program is over, I'd have laws and programs designed to catch illegals in the country without resorting to racial profiling. For example, proof of identity would be required for things like working, renting or buying property, getting health care, going to school, getting a driver's license, buying a car, etc.
  4. There would be stiff penalties for employers that knowingly hired illegals.
  5. There would be objective standards for who can become a citizen of the US. In general, we'd only let people who would make the US a better place become a citizen. So, we would reject criminals, people without good skills/abilities, people who can't speak English well enough, etc. We don't owe the people of the world US citizenship. The US should act in its best interest when deciding who to allow to become citizens.
  6. I'd probably make long participation in the guest worker program without criminal activity/problems something that makes obtaining citizenship easier. Maybe each year in the guest worker program adds support to a person's citizenship request.
  7. The 14th Amendment essentially makes any child born the US a citizen. I'd change the amendment to make the mother or father legally being in the country a requirement for the newborn to become a citizen.
I think the above ideas/policies are a good start. However, I'm sure there would be other things that would need to be done. I just can't think of any of these things right now.

EDIT: I advocate the above policy as long as the US remains as it is politically. We give away too much "free stuff". If we had an open border policy in the current context, it would ruin us. If we fix the government in the US (a huge, fat if), I'd advocate an essentially open border policy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

More From This Weekend's Tournament

Here are three videos:

Throwing from the 12th tee:

Throwing to the 18th island green:

View from the 18th tee:

Also, the results have been posted.


As you can see, my 80 was really, really bad and my 61 was pretty good.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

80 and 61

So, I participated in my first disc golf tournament today. I had a really, really bad first round. I shot a 78 plus I added my score wrongly and got a 2 shot penalty. So, my first round was an 80, one of the worst rounds by anybody in my division.

I think I played so badly the first round for these reasons:
  1. I wasn't warmed up.
  2. I was nervous/intimidated
  3. I hadn't played or even seen half the holes we played.
My second round I shot a 61. I had a bunch of pars and either two or three birdies. 61 was a better number than any person I played with posted (7 different people). I'll be able to see how good of a round the 61 was when the full results are posted here.

Also, in this previous post, it might have appeared to some that I was talking a lot of trash before the tournament. That's not right. As with everything I do, you have to read between the lines. That post was really me just wishing everybody well and me hoping that I enjoyed the tournament and learned some things. I did.