Saturday, April 3, 2010

80 and 61

So, I participated in my first disc golf tournament today. I had a really, really bad first round. I shot a 78 plus I added my score wrongly and got a 2 shot penalty. So, my first round was an 80, one of the worst rounds by anybody in my division.

I think I played so badly the first round for these reasons:
  1. I wasn't warmed up.
  2. I was nervous/intimidated
  3. I hadn't played or even seen half the holes we played.
My second round I shot a 61. I had a bunch of pars and either two or three birdies. 61 was a better number than any person I played with posted (7 different people). I'll be able to see how good of a round the 61 was when the full results are posted here.

Also, in this previous post, it might have appeared to some that I was talking a lot of trash before the tournament. That's not right. As with everything I do, you have to read between the lines. That post was really me just wishing everybody well and me hoping that I enjoyed the tournament and learned some things. I did.

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