Thursday, June 17, 2010

Netflix Review

Here are some movies I've recently watched on Netflix:
  1. Cannibal! The Musical: This is a movie you can miss. It was only mildly entertaining.
  2. The First Saturday in May: A documentary about the Kentucky Derby. It follows horses (and the people behind those horses) trying to qualify for the race. It was fairly interesting and entertaining.
  3. The Gamers (Dorkness Rising): A low budget movie about a group of people playing Dungeons and Dragon. I thought it had some very funny bits.
  4. Les Paul (Chasing Sound): It's pretty amazing what Paul did with his life.
  5. Michael Moore Hates America: A documentary about Michael Moore and some of his films. I think it successfully shows that Moore uses dishonest techniques to make his movies.
  6. Moving Midway: A documentary about the history of a plantation in North Carolina. I learned a lot about the history of the South and slavery. Worth watching.
  7. No Impact Man: A documentary about a NYC family that tries to make "no impact" on the environment for a year. They give up coffee, toilet paper, electricity, etc. It was an interesting watch. However, why would you give up any of that stuff? Humans have brains and we can invent and use things that make our lives better. Depriving your family of a year of living like a human doesn't seem like the right thing to do to me.
  8. Persepolis: An animated story about life inside Iran during recent history told by a little girl/young woman. It was both very sad and funny. I liked it a lot. I also learned some things.
  9. Protocols of Zion: A documentary about some of the crap that Jews have to put up with from irrational people that blame them for all sorts of things. It's hard to believe some of the things people believe (or at least say) about Jewish people.
  10. Punch-Drunk Love: An Adam Sandler movie that wasn't full of crude and stupid humor. I liked it. It was odd but not bad.
  11. Screamers (The Hunting): A sci-fi thriller. Think Aliens meets Tremors. I didn't like it very much.
  12. The Visitor: I liked this movie. However it's obviously a movie with an agenda. The movie is about America's laws that apply to non citizens. I would like to see those laws changed to be more rational and humane and I think that's the overall message of the film.

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