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NFL Plan

Instead of playing an 18 game season, the NFL should add 8 teams (for a total of 40 teams) and have 16 teams make the playoffs each year. Also, the NFL should add a second bye week. This would make way more money for the NFL than an 18 game season would. And, players wouldn't have to play two extra games a year. Plus there would be a lot more jobs for players.

Under this plan, the league would have 8 divisions with 5 teams each. 8 wildcards would make the playoffs in addition to the 8 division winners.

Having 40 teams would dilute the league a little bit, the average team would not be as good or make as much money. However, I think it would make the NFL better. The great individual players would have more opportunity to make big plays and have big games. Imagine Barry Sanders running against NFL teams that were closer in talent level to the top college teams. Also, the NFL as a whole would make more money.

In addition to the above, the NFL should add a salary cap with a luxury tax and a rookie pay scale.

Oh, obviously, San Antonio should get one of those 40 teams. = )