Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Flat Tax is Stupid

Proponents of the flat tax say that it will simplify the tax code. However, the complicated part of the tax code is not the part which determines the rate at which taxpayers are taxed. The complicated parts of the tax code are the parts that deal with:
  1. Deductions
  2. Treating different types of income differently
  3. Treating different taxpayers differently
Simplifying the tax code needs to focus on removing or refining those three areas.

A flat tax would simplify the least complicated part of the tax code.


Cory said...

You forgot to post any arguments to support your post title...

Greg said...

BREAKING NEWS: Local man says headline unsupported by article contents!

TheMuuj said...

Plus, if they make it optional, it simply becomes a "maximum tax rate," and not a "flat tax," because most people are going to do their taxes both ways to see which comes out cheaper.